What is SCANDIC BOHO Design?

S C A N D I C   B O H O is a mashup that emerged from minimalist tendencies and unfettered design principles. Clean but comfortable, stylish but sleek. Think fairly neutral colored walls, a custom collection of handcrafted decorative items, fairly bold patterns, comfortable colors and textures, and clean-lined mid-century modern furniture.


Similar to other great fusion designs, the SCANDIC BOHO design style takes the best of both aesthetics:


- S C A N D I C - 

The Scandic sense of elegance in plainness + the bohemian propensity for bold free-spiritedness - and blends the two into a comfortable artsy mashup of natural and delightfully friendly interiors. Perhaps it's because of the two styles' inherent similarities—not their contrasts—that they work so fantastically well together.

Like the mid-century design style, Scandinavian design, too, is exemplified by clean lines, minimalism, openness, and functionality. Central to Scandinavian style is simplicity and "no-nonsenseness", but the Scandi style takes an "unencumbered living" approach which goes perfectly well alongside one's desire to be closer to nature.  

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 Scandinavian scandic interior clean sleek minimal


- B O H O -

Bohemian design, although to the untrained eye somewhat opposite to Scandinavian style in its less organized and with its focus on global eclecticism, creates an almost unmatched feeling of comfort and calmness. Where natural colors and patterns, similarly celebrates inclusivity, comfort, and the love of nature.

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The two combine to create an existential sense of cosy snugness often referred to in Scandinavian languages as Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah).


Hygge SCANDIC BOHO Scandic Boho scandic boho

Hygge {noun} can be defined as: 
  • The quality of being warm and comfortable that gives feelings of happiness
  • Understanding the importance of simplicity, time to breathe, and bringing yourself back to the present moment
  • Gathering with loved ones