Pampas for the Soul

The natural style and look of Scandinavian Bohemian decor finds its way into any room through natural colours and materials. One of the main and most iconic elements of this is the famous Pampas Grass. Pampas Grass is arguably one of the most versatile and dynamic decor elements. There is almost no way to misplace or misuse it, it will look great no matter how you set it up. It’s no coincidence that Pampas Grass is hugely popular in wedding decor. A wedding is literally the day where you want everything to look as gorgeous as possible, no wonder people copy wedding decor into their homes! It’s not easy to mess up the look of Pampas Grass in your home. But, to help you get started a little bit we have put together 4 points to keep in mind while you choose your favourite pampas grass and how to set it up.

Love is a one way street - this is usually not true. But for Pampas Grass, it is! It needs no attention, sunlight, water or anything like that. Pampas Grass will really give you love without needing anything back! 

Pampas grass

Size does not matter - this goes for the Pampas Grass, as well as the vase or pot it shows off in. Pampas grass comes in different sizes from small (40 cm) to very large (1.5 meter) and you can play around with different vase sizes to change its look. No matter what though, it will give an entirely fresh look.

Colour it up - Scandinavian bohemian design is known for its light beige, white and grey colours. Usually there is not a lot of bright colours involved. Good news for color lovers though, as Pampas Grass looks great in light, white spaces, as well as a dark wall such as dark blue or dark grey. The natural colours of the Pampas will contrast the dark background in a very pleasant way. 

No more excuses - because you literally can not go wrong with Pampas Grass. Put it in a vase on the floor, on a (side or dinner)table, on your fireplace mantel or even on your bed side table. You can not go wrong.


And if December comes around, and you want to go completely different in your Scandinavian-Bohemian styled home, do we have something for you! This year, why not go for a Pampas Grass Christmas tree? You saw it here first!

Obviously we love it. Do you? Check out our different Pampas Grass styles here and get yours today!